Today’s market is rich with potential to improve your environment and provide efficiencies in your security organization in a much more cost effective manner. Our proven methodology helps our clients reduce their overall security budget while improving their risk posture.


Stack relies on seasoned tenure that understands the pressure our clients are tested against.  Our security advisors use industry expertise and proven methodologies to help large enterprises assess their environments, improve their compliance postures, and secure their infrastructures…all while reducing cost.

About Us

Our consultants continue to educate themselves to fully understand the security marketplace so that you can continue to focus on your business. We can also help you further implement existing software to take full advantage of what you may already own.

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Welcome to Stack Solutions

At Stack Solutions, we are committed to helping our clients maintain a secure enterprise.  We know that in times like these it is important to keep costs down, maximize the use of existing staff and use software that will ensure the companies most prized assets - it's intellectual data, is secure.  We also know that while most companies have the talent available to ensure these three key pieces, most are missing the most important part...time to do this.

Stack Solutions has been successfully assisting their clients to ensure that all aspects of their security are in place.  Our goal is to review the Enterprise, the software portfolio and the existing agreements and help you and your team implement a plan that will streamline the processes and reduce the overall security expenditure. 

Think of us as your Security Seal Team.