Whether it’s time-tracking, expense reporting or supply chain management, there is an ever growing number of enterprise applications available over the internet, and the need to expose them to both internal users, contractors, partners, and customers. 

It is critical to ensure that only people qualified and verified can access those resources to which they are entitled. Rules-based access management is essential to any viable information security strategy.  And nothing frustrates your user community as much as having to memorize dozens of usernames and passwords just to do their daily work.

Web access management enables organizations to carefully manage access rights to web-based resources located both inside and outside of the enterprise.   Done correctly, it can offer your business authentication management for web applications, a policy-based approach to application authorizations, streamline the auditing of access, while it also supports single sign on for all of your people, inside and outside the enterprise. 

Trust Stack Solutions to help your business:

  • Select the most appropriate Web Access Management system to meet your current and future needs
  • Streamline your company’s access with a single sign-on strategy that is tailored to your organization
  • Develop a policy-driven approach to securing your sensitive applications and data
  • Develop an easy-to-use auditing approach for reviewing user access