Organizations today face challenges never before seen in history. These challenges have set the stage for leadership teams to prevent a repeat scenario. The foundation to any enterprise risk management is a governance program that sets the guiding principles with Board, Executive and Senior Management.

Stack works with stakeholders to identify, align and achieve buy-in of the governance program all while converting your existing eGRC solution into the ERM platform.

Stack aligns the governance program with the drivers for enterprise risk management to provide valuable results without repeating efforts. The drivers for ERM included in understanding and defining the governance program are:

  • Unified method and approach
  • Transparency (with business unit initiatives)
  • Traceability
  • Financial disclosures with strict reporting and control requirements
  • Security and technology capabilities and issues
  • Business continuity and disaster preparedness
  • Focus from rating agencies
  • Compliance (laws, regulations and legislature)
  • Continuous competitive environment