IT Costs Too Much!

Organizations today face technology and financial challenges never before seen in history.  With the adoption of corporate IT asset management and configuration management systems, it's becoming apparent that the same business problems are being solved time and time again, but with wildly different products.  It's not uncommon for an enterprise to own dozens of competing products in their asset catalogs -- each with their own support requirements, maintenance payments, and levels of customer satisfaction.  That's a lot of technical complexity, headcount and operating expense - can your enterprise justify so many competing solutions?

We can help you prevent software build-up...

Stack Solutions can help you gain a better understanding of those assets you already have, how they compare with the industry at large, and work with your technology leadership to optimize that solution catalog.  We can help you develop a practice that links your financial team's view of your assets to your technologists portfolio of solutions -- so not only do you have a cost-optimized view, you also have a firm technology governance structure to maintain that optimization moving forward.