Joel Baldus

President, Stack Solutions

Joel founded Stack Solutions in 2009 to leverage 20 years of business development and sales leadership experience in technology.  Joel’s experience working with start-up organizations, with their emphasis on fast growth and market penetration, was the catalyst for his decision to start his own company.

Prior to starting Stack, Joel was instrumental in the development and growth of the Western Region for Tevora Business Solutions and CA Technologies.  Joel’s career in the security business began as the VP of Worldwide Sales at Cybersource (acquired by NFR and now Checkpoint) and Sourcefire (acquired by Cisco).  Before that Joel served as the VP of Western Regional Sales at Softworks, Inc., whereat he successfully managed its transition when acquired by EMC.

 Joel received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Loyola Marymount University.


Paul W. Koenig

Chief Operating Officer, Stack Solutions


Paul is an IT architecture and technical consultant with more than 17 years of professional experience, including 10+ years at Aveksa, CA and Netegrity,  working with Fortune 500 companies solving Identity, Governance, and Access Control problems.  As Principal Consultant and Operations Officer, Paul leads the implementations of Stack Solutions’ customer engagements, oversees the training and deployment of Stack’s consulting teams, and ensuring we provide a consistently high level of success.  Paul’s engagements typically involve leading a small project team (made up of mostly client staff) through the development of critical use cases – resulting in client teams that are self-sufficient, maintain ownership and can carry on further development independent of outside help.

Before joining Stack Solutions, Paul established the Fields Operations team for Aveksa.  Prior to this he performed Technical Training for Tivoli and CA with Sage Circle.  Prior to this he was employee 31 at Netegrity, as the first first western region SiteMinder sales engineer.

Paul received a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry Riddle University.