The key to a successful Identity solution is recognizing that user identities are governed by a lifecycle.  Users are created, are provisioned with access, have their access increased, decreased, or updated as their roles change - and ultimately are de-provisioned as their tenure with the system comes to an end.

Unfortunately, most firms don't realize this until aspects of this system have been deployed without an overall vision.  HRIS systems that create users but don't tie to a user provisioning system in IT, for instance.  Or decentralized user repositories because each department found it easier to manually grant access to users to local applications, vs integrate with other groups.  Or users are terminated by HR, but retain their VPN and system credentials for months because there's no integrated ID removal approach.

Stack Solutions has helped dozens of firms overcome these hurdles.  We can help you develop a holistic approach to user lifecycle management, identifying what will be your authoritative sources for users, for their roles, for access based on those roles, and how best to ensure governance of that access.