Many companies want to share their application access with partners – suppliers, recent acquisitions, or even customers -- without manually verifying and granting access to each user individually.  Or they are looking to add SaaS products to support their business users, but don't want their sales or finance teams to have to maintain spreadsheets of usernames and passwords for each one.  

Identity Federation helps overcome some of the problems that arise when two or more separate security environments seek to share a single application.  Allowing employees to use their existing logins to access external networks, when properly configured, federation can extend your existing security while also making life easy for your users.  Imagine adding dozens of applications -- Box, Workday,, Concur -- to your workforce without having to manually provision users to each service individually.

Stack Solutions brings decades of experience in developing and implementing IAM strategies in large enterprises, ranging from workforce application security, to consumer-facing product integration.  With years of industry knowledge across all major identity solutions, we provide a product agnostic view of how we can best help solve your problems with a solution that's most compatible with your existing technologies and team skill set.  We can help you centrally manage user provisioning and access to your critical information across multiple systems and applications, regardless of what those systems are.