The terms “firewall” and “DMZ” have almost become meaningless.  With more core business applications moving to cloud-based suppliers, the extension of in-house applications to other members of your supply chain, and end-customer access to your CRM for self-service functions, it’s clear that securing your enterprise means more than locking down your perimeter.  The only thing that matters is identity.

Are you who you say you are?

Identity and Access Management (IAM), is the security and business discipline of ensuring that the right people have access to the right systems at the right time. Implementing IAM across the enterprise is a complex task for most businesses, as it directly impacts users' ability to access their systems, and if done wrong can hamstring an otherwise nimble firm.  Or worse - can expose your company's assets to opportunists looking to exploit security vulnerabilities for their own gain.

Stack Solutions brings decades of experience in developing and implementing IAM strategies in large enterprises, ranging from workforce application security, to consumer-facing product integration.  With years of industry knowledge across all major identity solutions, we provide a product agnostic view of how we can best help solve your problems with a solution that's most compatible with your existing technologies and team skill set.  We can help you centrally manage user provisioning and access to your critical information across multiple systems and applications, regardless of what those systems are.