Your business consists of more than just a few web applications -- you've got legacy mainframe applications, client server applications, you need badging access for your employees, even a controlled gate on the parking lot -- and each of these has it's own set of user identities.

Distinguished from Single Sign-On for web applications, Enterprise Single Sign-On provides the same simplicity and streamlining for all aspects of your business.  Single Sign-On allows for a single username and password to be used for access across many systems without ever prompting for new credentials, while it allows for simplified provisioning and de-provisioning across the board.  

Reduce the amount of time and effort spent by IT and Help Desk performing password resets.  Eliminate password fatigue while centralizing the reporting of user access for auditing and compliance. Ask the experts at Stack Solutions to look at your directory provisioning and identity management challenges for a custom solution that allows your security to be completely effective and also easily accessible by all your employees.