With our decades of Identity and Access Management experience on all major providers, Stack Solutions is the ideal partner to help you determine your core business needs around identity, and provide you with a solution that meets or exceeds each of those requirements.

We approach IAM from a risk management perspective, which often is different than traditional IT consultants or system integrators.  We look for how best to reduce your enterprise's overall identity risk, rather than with an agenda to displace an existing solution.  The core of our business is in reviewing existing IAM implementations, fine tuning them to reach their full potential, helping train staff on how best to use the technology, and developing and implementing strategic roadmaps for your firm to meet its emerging needs.  

We've designed both on-premise and SaaS deployments to cover workforces of less than 500 users up to consumer sites that need to scale to tens of millions.  Whether you have an existing identity and access system from CA, RSA, Oracle, Microsoft or IBM, we can help you with your upgrades, integrations and enhancements.  If you're considering IAM but would prefer a cloud solution, we are certified Okta implementers and can help you determine the challenges and benefits to such an approach.  And we've had years extending all of these tools with risk-based authentication, multi-factor authentication, and identity federation, so even these sometimes difficult integrations can be handled quickly and effectively.

Contact us today if you are considering or reconsidering your identity strategy.  We can help.