From tarnished brand reputation to regulatory fines, the adverse impacts of data breaches are clear. Just a single incident of data loss can erode a business's competitive advantage, weaken consumer confidence, and result in fines or penalties from regulators. The problem is further exacerbated with rapid proliferation of mobile computing devices, widespread use of peripheral devices, and easy access to file-sharing software — all increasing the opportunity for data loss and theft.  At the same time, while dozens of products exist to halt data loss, all involve some level of data restriction -- which impacts the speed your business operates at.

Stack Solutions can help.  Our approach assesses each client’s unique data needs, mapping a life cycle strategy to a customized master plan that generates and ensures the effectiveness of their individual DLP program. The Stack approach does not solely focus on bits and bytes like other data protection companies, but develops a holistic, risk-based approach that leverages different data protection solutions for different tiers of sensitivity and risk. This approach focuses on the critical assets and resources that have the greatest potential to affect a customer’s bottom line.